Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Songs of the Humpack Whale by Jodi Picoult

Songs of the Humpback Whale
By Jodi Picoult
Read: March 3rd, 2013
*Could be some spoilers*

You could tell that this was one of her first books.  And she has definitely improved with time. I like Jodi Picoult, I find her reads are easy and entertaining. I don’t go in expecting too much either. This is one that I had a hard time reading because it was boring.

In true Jodi Picoult style there are 5 different perspectives told throughout the book; Oliver, Jane, Rebecca, Sam and Joley.

Oliver is the husband, and he is a marine biologist who studies the ‘songs ‘of humpback whales, hence the title. He is devoted to his study and because of this he has let his relationship with his wife and  hi 15 year old daughter sway to the roadside.   Jane, the wife,  hit him one day and images of her own abusive childhood flashed back to her and because of this her and Rebecca (the daughter) packed up and left. They were guided to her brother, Joley through letters in which he reminiscences about their relationship growing up- which sometimes  makes it seem like a little more than brotherly/sisterly love.  Here, Jane meets Sam- the owner of an apple orchard.  They started off hating each other, and then all of a sudden fall in love, not caring about the 10 year age difference. This coincides with Rebecca falling in love with Hadley. A 25 year old apple worker.  Yup, that is also a  10 year age difference.  Like mother, like daughter. Hadley’s place in the story was not important for the sake of the story, which I suppose is why he was killed off. But you don’t even care.  Oliver eventually catches up to Jane and Rebecca, only to find his daughter fooling around with a grown man.  Oh, right this is after he makes a public plea on how much he loves his family on national TV (only after he stopped to save a netted whale of course).

I didn’t like how it started with one story, then went back to explain how it actually came to be. I wish she was more linear in her writing style during this book. It jumped back and forth, was not consistent with dating the process so it’s an extra guessing game to the reader.

2 stars for you Ms. Picoult.

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