Tuesday, March 5, 2013

REVIEW: A Walk To Remember

A Walk to Remember

By Nicholas Sparks
So I downloaded the entire works of Nicholas Sparks the other day. Not entirely sure why, but I did. And while I was waiting for something I decided to click on A Walk To Remember.  First off, if you are looking for a quick read this is it. It took my about an hour and half. I kept thinking that maybe the entire book didn’t download properly or those speed reading classes really worked.

This book is about Jamie Sullivan, a pastors daughter, who sees the good in everyone and Landon Carter, an average guy who is striving to keep up with the popular crowd. Circumstances make them hang out a lot more than the ‘cool’ kids would permit, and well despite her asking him not to fall in love with her, he does.  *cue awwwe*
This is perhaps one of the only times I like the movie better than the book.   Granted, I did see the movie first and have a soft spot for Shane West. And I cried like a baby in the movie.  That being said, I guess I was waiting for the emotions I felt in the movie to enter the book. They never did. I never felt like they were in this inseparable love while I was reading it. I did like that some  more details went into Jamie and Landon’s relationship and their charity activities. However, I liked the details/changes that the movie had as well.
Nicholas Sparks does know how to write a romance novel though.  He concentrates on the characters, making you feel connected with them in one way or another.
I only rated this 2 stars because it was just ok.

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