Monday, March 18, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Umm, I think I missed the boat of why this book is considered a great classic.
This was my second time trying to read Wuthering Heights, and I should have went with my gut the first time around. It took my so long to get interested in the story and every time I went to read it, I was dreading it, always finding better things to do like watch Pretty Little Liars. But I  have this need to finish every book i start even if it bores me to hell. Because what if it gets better.  Which by the way it didn't, until the very last page.
I’m sorry, but a great love story? When did it happen? The one chapter of Heathcliff and Catherine before she died? I did not feel connection at all that a romance is what was happening.  Maybe some love spawned on the hatred of each other. That’s not love. That’s stupidity. She died and you didn’t have a chance with her prior due to circumstances, get over it Mr. Ass-Heathcliff. Did he have to be so ignorant and take it out on everyone else?  I hated all of the characters too. They were all mean,manipulative, coniving asshats.  Just because one person couldn't get waht they wanted, they made the rest of the family suffer. yah, thats romantic.

I just didn’t get it.  And thus makes me not want to write anything on it.
Glad Ms. Emily Bronte only wrote one book.

1 star

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