Bucket List

1. Go to Rwanda/Uganda to see the gorillas
2. Go to Borneo to see the orangutans
3. Go to Paris, see the Eiffel tower, the louve
4. See Stonehenge
5. See ancient ruins in Greece
6. See wild chimps/bonobos
7. Go to Egypt and see the pyramids
8. Go to Germany for Oktoberfest
9. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya
10. Ride a gondola in Venice
11. Go to NYC
12. GO see the concentration camps in Austwich
13. Road trip across Canada
14. Go to Disneyworld (more realistically see Hogwarts)
15. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
16. Go to Ireland for St. Pats Day
17. Go to Machu Pichu
18. See the Sistine Chapel in Rome
19. See the Northern Lights
20. learn to scuba dive
21. bungee jump
22. sky dive
23. Perfect a style of dance
24. Run a 5k
25. Run a 10k
26. Learn how to wakeboard
27. Receive par on a golf game
28. White water raft
29. Learn how to kayak
30. Climb a mountain outside
31. Become a yoga devotee
32. Take a spin class
34. Get to my goal weight
35. Attend one major sporting event (Stanley cup, grey cup)
36. Clifff Jump
37. Swim under a waterfall (1/2 done- they were mini ones in Laos)
38. Open up a store of my own (1/2 done-online)
39. Own a rescue shelter (animals)
40. Go to an outdoor music festival
41. Have my blog become popular
42. Learn to play an instrument
43. Learn to crochet, knit
44. Make my own wine/beer
45. Learn to play poker
46. Go to an art class
47. Ride in a helicopter
48. Make pottery
49. Grow and not kill a vegetable garden
50. Sell a painting
51. Learn how to glass blow
52. Write a novel
53. Have my palm read
54. Sleep in a haunted house
55. Invent something
56. Read everything on the Top 1001 BBC list/100 times
57. See a psychic
58. Jump in a pool fully clothed
59. hold a monkey in the wild
60. be fluent in another language
61. Go on a wine tour, anywhere (yay Greece!)
62. Horseback ride on a beach
63. Go on a hot air ballon ride
64. Swim with the dolphins in the wild
65. Go on a dog sled
66. Ride a mechanical bull
67. See a cirque du solie show
68. Sleep on a yacht
69. Skinny dip
70. Make compost
71. See the birth of an animal
72. Get a degree- yay 2!
73. Act in a play
74. Sit on a jury
75. Go vegetarian for a month
76. Go vegan for at least a week
77. Be in a flash mob (at the Stampede I guess they technically called it a flash mob)
78. Be an extra in a movie
79. buy a house 
80. get married to the love of my life- Aug 11, 2012 bitches!
81. do a 30 day challenge
82. do a 1 a day for a year challenge
83. Find my life passion
84. Experience childbirth
85. Have something named after me
86. Luge/Bobsled (under someone else's control that is)
87. Go without TV for a month.
88. Read everything on my book bucket list.
89. Give someone a 100% tip
90. Have a legit conversation with someone famous. like A list famous


  1. I'm a new-ish blogger. I really like your Bucketlist book list and your bucket list. Can you go into more explanation about the #82 goal "do a 1 a day for a year challenge"? I'm curious about what ideas you have for this. Which goal(s) will you be focused on in 2014? Last year I did a quarterly challenge with my central theme for the year ("leap": do exciting things that scare me).

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by to begin with! The 1one-a-day -challenge I had in mind was something like, take a picture once a day or write a line of gratitude, do yoga once a day for a year. Things like that. No real theme of me. That type of challenge you did sounds interesting, what type of things did it include?