Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Gone Girl
Marriage. Murder. Lies…  

I haven’t given 5 stars out to a lot of books lately; and while this book may not be perfectly written, it caught my attention. I wanted to keep reading it until the very end.  And I mean, with marriage, murder, lies, cheating, how could it not be good?

For a quick synopsis it is about Nick Dunne and his wife Amy who recently left New York jobless to Nick’s hometown to look after his ailing mother. Amy has disappeared and Nick reacts inappropriately to some of the search, leading people to believe he is guilty. The ultimate question is, did he kill his wife, or is there something else?  Amy, was the subject of a bestselling series of books written by her child psychologist parents. She was Amazing Amy to the world, and had attracted some stalkers in the past, possibly being the something else.  And I fear that I can’t really give much else in the review for the possibilities of spoilers.
 I love the twists of this book. I enjoyed the writing styles between the characters as it allowed me to gain an understanding and appreciation for them both.  If you want to read a mystery that has an underlying love story attached to it, pick this book up.

I also can see a sequel to this book, which I am super excited for!
5 stars!

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