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BOOK REVIEW: Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)
My first reaction to this book was “Not as great as The DaVinci Code Mr. Brown, but certainly better than The Lost Symbol.”  That being said I enjoyed it. It is exactly what you expect from a Dan Brown book.  A little bit of mystery mixed with some education and a philosophical question.
The Inferno is the 4th installment of Robert Langdon, Harvard symbologist.  (An aside: every time I read one of Langdon’s stories I desperately wish I was a symbologist and had a memory as profound as his).  Speaking of memory, Langdon wakes up in Florence having suffered a head wound, resulting in amnesia. From the beginning he is on the run from someone trying to kill him; and luckily he has a female sidekick (surprise surprise) to aid him. The only clue about the night before is a silver tube with something relating to Dante’s  Inferno and the whereabouts of a biological time bomb.  With his master problem solving skills, Langdon travels through Florence and Venice in a race against time to decipher Dante’s work to located said time bomb.

I liked the whole population problem issue Brown includes. We as humans are growing substantially fast and outliving our resources. They bring up a very real question about how the ways to deal with it are controversial (understatement of the century).  This is the whole reason for the chase- to get the thing Zorborist ( a crazy mother of a guy obsessed with Dante) planted before it is to late for the human population.
“If you could flip a switch and half the population would die, would you? Of course not. But what if you knew the whole human race would be extinct in 100 years if you didn't? Then would you consider sacrificing half the population to save humanity?”  (deep hey?--what would you do? )

I did enjoy all of the little plot and character twists. And they came at the right times.  I admit, the first quarter of the book was a little slow, and I seriously doubted Dan Browns talent.  He gave you a LOT of information that really I could give two shits about. Then it switched gears and grabbed my attention and you realize this is why Dan Brown is so popular (other than writing about controversial religious issues). He is a master of changing directions, and it keeps you turning the pages- Hell at one point I almost spilt my drink in disbelief. (It also could have been I was a few glasses of wine deep but that is besides the point).   

The one thing I just wanted to yell was to get over your stupid Mickey Mouse watch Robert. Enough already, buy another fricken watch!  I also felt that the cave scence came uo way to much. You will know what I'm talking about when you read it.

All four of Dan Brown’s Langdon books follow the exact same plot. You know there isn't going to be great character developments, but you do know what you are going to get - which is nice sometimes.
I give it 4 stars... a great start to the summer read list.

Side note:
I haven’t had the chance to read Dante’s work; and this may inspire me to. May. ( Probably not.)

Inferno: A Novel (Robert Langdon)

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