Thursday, May 23, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Original Sin by Allison Brennan

Original Sin (The Seven Deadly Sins, #1)

I just could not finish this book.

Original Sin was boring and slow. I gave up around page 200 (halfway through) thinking that that would have been sufficient amount of pages to gain my interest. The characters I felt were very poorly developed, I know I only made it a little bit in,but you think I could start feeling connected to somone! One thing I didn't like was that people were overly understanding about all this witchcraft hoopla. I'm sorry if someone told me that there were demons arising from the depths of hell, I would probably freak out a little and not be 'oh ok, want some lemonade?' (not entirely how the book went...but ya get my drift)

While I only started reading it because it was the only book in my office and I was super bored; based on the back cover description of witchcraft, Hell, and the 7 Deadly Sins, I felt it had potential. I was wrong.  It was essentially about Moria trying to escape from her all powerful evil witch mother. It worked for 7 years while she was hiding away at a convant, but of course somethign happens that brings them back together.

I never NOT finish a book, so this has to say something.This is also the 1st book in the series too, dear lord.

1 star, maybe only 1/2 star.

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