Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Staying At Daisy's by Jill Mansell

Staying At Daisy's
I bought downloaded all of Jill Mansell’s book one day because she kept coming up in my Goodreads recommendation panel. And well, why not. I do love chick-lit books. They are the perfect easy read for the days where you want to read something but don’t want to think.

Synopsis:Daisy manages the hotel in a small quaint village in England in which her exceedingly cool dad Hector owns, when a wedding comes into the hotel. This wedding is of Dominic, whose ex- Tara-  just happens to work in the hotel and is Daisy’s best friend (oooh look at all the connections already!). Sparks reignite between Tara and Dominic. Daisy and Dev (Dominic’s best man) have some issues as well, but Daisy is also trying to start things up with her best friend Josh again.  

Confused yet? Staying at Daisy’s had a lot of sub-stories going on; while it wasn’t hard to follow each story line. But they all flowed into the bigger picture. It was easy to like the characters in this book. Jill Mansell developed them in a way that you  felt connected to them. I love Hector. He seemed like the coolest dad. Josh was a great character to. What girl wouldn’t fall in love with him?

I give it 3 stars, The typical British chick lit book.  Nothing special but it filled my chick-lit quota for the week. I know this isn’t the best review, but with all the sub-stories going on I find it hard to give a good synopsis without spoiling anything and how they are interconnected.

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