Friday, July 26, 2013

A little bit about the blogger behind the screen

I decided to throw 30 random facts about me up on this blog ( I did feature it on my other blog as well). Sometimes when reading other people's book blogs I want to know more about the person behind the computer screen. I'm not a stalker, I'm just nosey.

So, here it goes....

1. I know this is truly amazing, but I cannot wink. Don’t judge. I also missed the boat on doing a lot of 'normal' things like raising an eyebrow, blowing raspberries...

2. I have an addiction to skulls. Not the stupid kid ones but ya know if they come in vodka bottles, mugs, egg cups, head phones… I have to have it. G is slowly learning to accept this.
3. I love watching TV, movies, call me lazy but what ev’s
4.Champagne is my favorite drink. Coffee is my next. Followed by club soda.
5. I don’t think dishes or chairs or anything have to match. As long as they collectively go together I am happy
6. my hair has been pretty much every colour (within hairs natural ability) and I love being a blonde or super dark the best.
7. My dogs are my kids, I’m not a crazy pet lady but all I see it is just a little dog hair in the food. I’ve eaten worst. Sometimes I think, if you don’t want my dogs there, then you can’t be mad if I say I don’t want your kids.
8. I love off the wall, bright, unique, random designs for mundane things, like a hair dryer shaped as a gun. I think it makes using everyday things that much better.
9. My mind thinks I’m craftier than my ability
10. I think I’m a pretty decent cook. I randomly just throw things together and it seems to work.
11. Here is a shocker...I love to read. I probably started reading before talking. No joke here. I was mute till I was about 3.
12. I have a total of 11 tattoos. But you couldn;t tell just by giving me a quick glance. I have been fairly satisfied with them but lately I have had an itching to get another one…. I have taken out all but my ear piercings. I miss my nose ring most days and may have to put it back in.
13.I wish I was more ballsy when it came to clothes. I know how I want to dress, I just have a fear of what people will think.
14.  Based on that fear of what people think, I do think I have a slight case of social anxiety. I will freak myself out before going  into a social setting that all I want to do is leave, or drink excessively.
15. I’m okay at a lot of things, but I don’t have one super talent. This is due to the fact that I can never just stick with one thing. I am still trying to find out what my hidden natural talent is.
16. Bugs, spiders, creepy crawly things don’t gross me out. If I had to pick one it would be snakes.
17. If you call a monkey an ape, a chimpanzee a monkey or anything like that you will be corrected. I didn’t get my degree for nothing!
18. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be London, England. Or Hawaii. Even though I've never been.
19. I think deep down I want to take a graphic design course, I just don’t know if I want to go through another school phase.Still hunting for that epiphany where I will figure out what I want to do with my life. Being an admin is not my life dream. Imagine that.
20. I still dislike using the telephone. Even texting gives me the heebee-jeebes. Again...see social anxiety.
21. I like to play cards and board games. Unless it is charades- I just don’t like acting! Which is ironic because in elementary all I ever wanted to do was act ( I even tried out for the TV version of Honey,I Shrunk the Kids).  Cards win though. I kick ass at them.
22. Graffiti art is one of my favourite art forms.
23. I have an adrelaine junkie in the back of my pocket. I would love to go skydiving or bungee jumping, just haven't had the balls to do it.  And things like these I want to try in a foreign land, like the time I tried white water rafting in Borneo
24. I love baked goods. Cookies. Cakes. You name it. This is a travesty because I hate working out.
25. A new dislike I’ve recently found out I have is when baked goods are shaped into non-baked goods. Like cupcakes that look like hamburgers. Just yuck. What if I was expecting a hamburger and it turned out to be a cupcake. Dont' fool my tastebuds that way.
26. If I only had one meal left it would be a tie between Thanksgiving dinner and the asparagus/swiss eggs benedict from Cora’s.
27. I’m actually not shy. I just so happen to always be around people who like to talk more than I do, or like to be in the spotlight, so I just let them have it. I don’t need to be noticed all of the time. I'd rather just listen.
28. Writing, painting, making jewellery and creating are all things I love to do. I just wish I had the tenacity and focus to do them full time.  I also really want to write a book, and have started many while working. I just hit delete everytime because of the fear thing.
29. I used to really care about what people thought about me based on my music taste. I could care less right now. If I think its good. Then it is good. Who cares if its too popular, or not mainstream enough. This goes the same with books. Altough I will judge you if you don't even read and have an opinion on the book based on the movie version.
30. My dream home is to be water-front (lake/ocean) with lots of greenery around. But still close enough to the city so I can have a multitude of choices.

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  1. Wow, You have a lot of things I can relate to or say I'm just the same! Glad to see there are more people I can relate to out there!