Sunday, July 28, 2013

REVIEW: Waking Sleep Beauty Freak by Nina Lora

Waking Sleep Beauty Freak
The goodreads synopsis is as follows:

Waking Sleep Beauty Freak is about waking up and realizing you are on the wrong life path and married to the wrong person. Now what? It is a non-fiction inspirational tale about disillusionment, self-discovery and the universal web of pain and growth. Its “Girls-grown-up” style narrative addresses what happens when an ambitious, hard-working, world traveling girl-verging-on-woman wakes up from a seven-year relationship to realize she is on the wrong life path and married to the wrong person. The subsequent unraveling and reweaving is crafted and delivered in a clever conversational tone, sharing ‘just enough’ – in a fun, poetic, modern philosophical way – to hold attention while simultaneously allowing the reader’s mind to wander down its own self-reflective path. While hilarious and bawdy at times, it digs deep and across multiple continents to provide a unique inspirational window into a journey through divorce – parental and her own – and disease (diabetes). This is an ideal summer beach read, especially for women between the ages of 25 and 45 who have lived in New York and/or experienced any of the above. If candid, witty, seemingly gorgeous, ambitious and fun on the surface – she’s imperfect. She’s real. Raw. Rough. A little dirty. Growing. And wanting the reader to grow alongside her...

Another DNF.  This was another netgalley read, which comes with the fact that you might get a pre-edited version. I hope this is what it was.  Or I hope (well not really because it means I have to get it fixed) that my ipad formatting was off on the kindle.  I had hopes for this book. The cover art drew me in to begin with, the title of the book is intriging and then I am always fond of the write-as-you-speak books.
I guess it does say that the writing style is intended to let the readers mind wander, mine wandered way to much.  I can see where Nina Lora was going with it, I really do. I just felt that it jumped around way too much. There were way too many nicknames that I couldn’t follow who was who and why they warranted a past memory.
I didn’t finish this book because I found myself skimming it rather than actually ingesting the words and I figured there are many other books that might grab my attention more.
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Unfortunately I cannot recommend this to people. Maybe I just wasn’t at the right point in my life, as while I am in the right age bracket, I am happily married and not living in New York.

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