Saturday, August 24, 2013

not your typical REVIEW: Bob Harper Pure Burn workout DVD

It’s a burn all right. All over the body. How I'm going to walk tomorrow nobody knows.

So to continue with my promise of not always reviewing books, here is another workout video by Bob Harper. Let's be honest though, I wish reading burnt more calories. And I have to admit have been putting it off for a while, the trailer just looks so scary.

Finally, I manned up and put the DVD on. I decided to go straight for the 1-hour just like the cardio one. It didn’t last so long. I saw 66 minutes, and stopped it. 66 minutes! That’s false advertising Bob! So I manned down, and then just did the beginner 20 minute strength workout. Ahhhh, I finally felt good at something. It was a breath of fresh air. It starts out with stretches to warm up for 3 minutes, which gets you used to the movements, then its bicep curls, tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, alternating lunges, front raises, lateral raises, shoulders, dead lifts, bentover wide row, and then some pushups and ab work. Each exercise just focusing on one movement, there are no combinations, like I said, after doing the cardio one, this was soooo nice. But a lot of things done here were the same as the 25 butt & balance one on the cardio DVD, so why not just do that one instead?

Finally, I did the 66 hour, I mean minute workout. I have to admit I was a little tired and sore but I powered through it with the thoughts of a review in mind. Bob yammered on this time about how you wanted Bob as a trainer, well you have him now, so don’t let him down…enter a string of explicits. The warm up was good, longer than normal and then the pure hell begins. Push ups, t-stalls, crunches, lateral raises, this that and the other thing. And this is only 20 minutes into. Seriously, I was sweating and cursing my ass off. Then there were some matrix lunges, and regular lunges, then alternating lunges. Who knew there were so many fucken types of lunges! Then more push ups, and planks, lots of god damn plank, oh then more crunches and skull crushers. That name just sounds scary. It just kept going and going and going. But it did work every muscle in the body, it also went by fairly quickly. I may be lying to myself with this part in my post-adrenaline work out bliss.

I think the best part of it was seeing Bob's workout buddies sweating, and giving up, grunting, and squealing like they just got fucked. Also, the girl who showed all the modified exercises facial expressions were priceless. So funny! That andmy own swearing at the TV. It made you feel a bit better.

 It pushed you hard, and you can make it harder by increasing your dumbbell weights. There were no set reps, just you kept doing it until he told you to move to the next one. The music also wasn't as pumping on this DVD.

Awesome, I recommend it. Now to try the Bob Harper, yoga one. oh vie!

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