Friday, August 9, 2013

The Book Thief movie!

I was just browsing the Internet and came across these stills from the upcoming movie The Book Thief.  I heard that there were rumours of a movie being made, but I didn't know they actually were.

 I thought this was a great book so I am pretty excited about this movie! I hope they do it justice.  I haven't heard of any of the actors, which I think is a good thing. There are no pre-conceived ideas about them!

The movie comes out November 15. Looks like its going to be a couple of busy weekends of movie watching!

Based on the pictures, this is exactly what I imagined Liesel to look like!

My review of The Book Thief for your reading pleasure!

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  1. I'm both scared and excited to see The Book Thief hit the screens. It's just one of those powerful books that it's hard to imagine the movie having that same effect on me. I agree, though -- Liesel is just how I pictured her :) But if the boy beside her is Rudy, that's definitely not the boy I conjured up inside my head! Pity!