Saturday, October 5, 2013

20 ways to become even more healthy awesome you

1) Drink MORE water. I know. Its common sense. And it is also boring. Try adding some natural flavors to it, such as cucumber, lemon, apple & cinnamon (my husband's favorite). This is hard because I love coffee, chocolate milk and wine. All of which don't have high water content.

2) Eat small meals throughout the day. Or eat a big breakfast, an average lunch and a teeny dinner. Make sure you are getting all the required nutrients though.

3) Eat natural food. UNprocessed. Fruits, veggies. Organic. If you can't pronounce it you probably shouldn't eat it.

4) Walk, take the stairs, park further away, bike, swim. Be active.

5) Read a book. You need some mental health too. As you may have noticed there are lots of reviews on this little site. Check them out.

6)Don't hate on yourself. If you constantly bring up negative feelings how is that going to help you in the long run? Be positive. Don't hate on others either. I am the worst for being judgmental and condescending remarks have been known to slip through my lips. But really? If I am throwing out all this negativity towards others, people are probably throwing it right back at me. So make everyone feel like your spewing sunshine out of your ass, so you get all that positive energy back too !

7) You are you. Stop comparing yourself to others.

8) Enjoy the little things in life. Create your own book of awesome.

9)Stop living in the past. It happened. You learnt from it. Move on. Especially in regards to health. I wish I was as skinny as I was when I thought I was fat. But dwelling on it isn't going to make it happen. Getting on the treadmill will. Just bring the notes from the past with ya!

10) Stretch. Do yoga. Meditate. Calm your brain. Just breathe.RELAX

11) Go to bed earlier. Get a decent amount of sleep. Do you really need to stay up until midnight watching shitty reality TV shows? (that's what a PVR is for my friend!)

12) Do not procrastinate. How good does it feel once you cross something off of your list? AMAZING! Sometimes I put stuff on my list that I have already done just to make myself look more productive!

13) Keep your house semi tidy and clean. Be organized! Think of how much time you waste (and curse words) when you are frantically looking for something. If you actually took the time to put things away where they belong.... ahhhhh!

14)Listen to music. Sing a-long. Dance.

15)Wear what makes you happy. Do your hair and make-up the way you want to. (Side note: this isn't saying you can look like a slutty dirtbag)

16) Get off the couch. Stop staring at the computer scree. Go outside. Breathe that (fresh) air! Revel in nature!

17) Don't be a hoarder. You don't need that many of anything. Throw shit away.  Unless you really want to make it your life long dream to be on that show...but that's another bag of issues.

18) Fall in love. Build relationships. Understand that some friendships are dragging you down and that you should focus on those that nourish you and help you grow as a person.

19) Have some alone time. I love people. I love me too. Sometimes I just want to take a bath and drink a glass of wine. I mean a glass of water flavoured with grapes.

20) Here's a no brainier...wait for it....wait... Exercise to become healthier. Even if its just for 5 minutes today, at least you got off your ass for 5 minutes and the next day it could be 10?

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