Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bulgy or Beady?

Some all days at work are pretty boring for me. I do believe it was pretty boring day for two of my friends. I will introduce you to how we kept busy yesterday morning.

It all started with this email.. A picture, with the question bulgy or beady?

"Thats not an accurate picture! He meant to make his eyes bulgy!  Homie don’t play that way"




"Maybe he has beady bulgy eyes"

" I would say bulgy beady. :)"
"I say bulgy. This is a great e-mail thread"

" Booo you Kendra booo you. BEADY."
" YES! Bulgy it is." 
So bulgy or beady?

beady...creepy, creepy dolls

I don't know about this year, but it just doesn't feel like Halloween, but I really hope lots of kids go out and trick or treat, if not I'm gonna have a shit ton of leftover candy!

creepy pics 11 Tis the season for creepy (19 photos)
I have you know, this was hard for me to put up there, because well fukcing clowns

May you get scared shitless today!

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