Friday, November 8, 2013

300 Abs Challenge

In preparation of Cuba, I've been doing this every other day, and while 300 seems like a lot of crunches and for sure scare you away, the way it is broken down makes it bearable. At first I needed to take a breather between each 100, but now I can notice an improvement and power through them.

30 Crunches
20 Bicycle Crunches
30 Toe Touches
20 Reverse Crunches

15 Side Plank Hip Lifts (R)
30 Crunches
15 Side Plank Hip Lifts (L)
40 Russian Twists

30 Bicycle Crunches
15 Oblique V-Ups (R)
20 Reverse Crunches
15 Oblique V-Ups (L)
10 Leg Lifts


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