Saturday, November 23, 2013

Waxing and Catching Fire

As I'm getting ready for Cuba, there are many things that lead me to ask, why is getting ready for vacation  so painful? As in waxing. 

 WTF?  Whoever made it so that hairless is popular needs to rethink why their sadistic ways. 

But I guess I'm not one to make things better, by actually going and getting my hair waxed off. 

G, the lovely husband that he is, won me a Brazilian. This isn't the problem. I've had a few Brazilians done in my past and I was planning on it before Cuba, because if there is one thing I hate less than shaving is waxing. The problem was now I actually had to commit to it. 

And to make it a fun day, I decided to get my full legs waxed too.  This was not a pretty sight for the weeks of re-growth. Disgusting actually. Lazer hair removal anyone?

As I was laying there in my towel, becoming more intimate with a stranger than I ever really want to (especially cuz she didn't buy me a drink first), I was thinking about how weird this is. I will go to a stranger and spread my legs open only to get every last hair waxed, then tweezed off; but I'm freaking self conscious when it comes to picking out a bikini to bring. 

And then they tell you to relax, just breathe through it. Fuck you lady, is what I was actually thinking. (on a side note, the lady was absolutely amazing and worked fast and made it comfortable)

 But all in all, after an hour of hell  I am a smooth hair free women and ready to party on the beach!

And its really not bad, almost like getting a tattoo- you know it sucks, you know it hurts, but you keep going back for more. damn society expectations on beauty.

So after, waxing. The hubs and I went to see Catching Fire! OMG guys, its so good. Of course being a lover of the books I noticed a few things were missing, but they definitely got the main parts covered.   AS expensive as movie's are, go watch this one in  the theater! 

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