Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Update #1

Whew. Another Christmas came and went.  Its amazing how much effort we put on one or two days of celebration, but it it all worth it.

The holiday started on Christmas Eve where we celebrated at my family house. Loads of presents were exchanged. Lots of libations and snack food prior to the full turkey dinner (which by the way would be my last meal request, nothing beats turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc.. ). It was especially fun because it was my nephews first Christmas! Athough he wasn't fully aware what was going on, it was fun to see him rip open presents all smiley!

Luigi hiding in all the wrapping paper. 

 After dinner and more drinks, we played Cards Against Humanity. What a freakin' fun game. Especially when you play it with your 88 year old Oma. She surprised us all.

Christmas day was spent eating leftovers, drinking left overs, playing with our gifts, realizing in the hot tub and finally making it back to our house, where G and I exchanged our stockings. Which once again he didn't listen to stocking stuffers only- not that I'm complaining, I feel VERY spoiled.

Stocking wasn't big enough.

Today is boxing day, and as a former retail worker I refuse to go to the mall today. I'm sure there are some great deals, but really I personally think it can wait a few days. Lets have 2 full stat days of spending time with friends, family, the TV.

One more pie to make (egg nog cheesecake- delish! The recipe will be posted in the New Year) and a trip up to Red Deer for the next round of Christmas this weekend and then it will be New Years!

Hope everyone had a great couple days!

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