Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014- the resolutions.

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The time for the new year resolutions. 
And in no particular order, here they are:
1) Get to my goal weight. I have been wanting this for the past year and this is the year I want it to actually happen. So, how am I going to make this happen? Signing up for yoga, buying a climbing membership and starting the 30 day challenge from Bodyrock.  Maybe signing up for a 5k/10k?? who knows.
2) Take more photos. I have a great (and expensive) camera, and need to use it. As I was scrolling through the past years pictures, I realized that I barely documented anything and I want that to change.
3) At least once a week do something I've pinned. This could be trying out a recipe, a hairstyle, a craft. Something. Make my time wasting on pinterst worth while.
4) This year I want to start a cookbook and try every single recipe.
5) Finish the laundry room, plant a garden, set up the office. Just finishing projects.
6) Read 100 books. I think I can do this as last year I read 116.  But books I actually want to read, not the ones I've requested on netgalley in a moment of greed that now I feel obligated to read and review them.
7)  Be a better friend.
What are your resolutions? How are you going to achieve them?!


  1. I would like to start climbing again...I have all the gear :) If you want a friend.

  2. 1. You read 116 books this last year. I read 115! That is awesome. I learned the power of audiobooks and a long commute.
    2. Regarding Resolution #7: How are you going to be a better friend? What does that look like?

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    2. I've never gotten into audiobooks, but think it may be something to try this year!

      For #7, I suck at texting/calling so I want to better byself at that, sending random cards/gifts, not always waiting for my friends to make plans first, things like that I guess!