Monday, January 27, 2014

Someday I Will....

Think of a bucket list and a resolution list and BAM you get this list:

Someday I will.....

1) Learn how to properly do my make-up.  I mean, actually know how to do foundation, concealer, contouring, all that jazz. I really have no freaking clue what's what, I just dab it on and hope that I don't look like a clown.

2) Learn how to curl my hair. Thankfully my husband bought me one of those curlers where you just put the strand of hair in and its sucks it up and becomes a curl, but even that causes me problems. One side of my hair is all 'we like to party' and the other is 'we rather just stay in and be flat'. So one day, yes I would love to learn how to do my hair other than a pony tail.

3) Go a year without dying my hair. ha ha ha yah this will happen.

4) Finish all the reps suggested on a given workout. I am famous for stopping at 9 instead of 10. I mean, its close right??!

5) Go  through all of my music and delete the shit that I wont' ever listen to but keep just in case someone at a party does....

6) Actually do all those crafts I pin. Well, maybe not all of them...but ya know maybe attempt some of them.

7) Speaking of crafts.... some day I will actually make my photo albums, wedding, engagement, Thailand trip, honeymoon, yup. One day...

What are your somedays???


  1. Someday take my wife to harry potter world:)

    1. that sounds like the best idea ever. who needs a trailer?