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BOOK REVIEW: And Then Run by Eric Hubolt

And Then Run

And Then Run follows the life of anti-hero Jerome Esterson. Jerome has everything - looks, money, women, friends. And yet he seems to be fighting a losing battle with reality.

The novel takes place in two time periods. One, when Jerome is a 25 year old maverick entrepreneur, with limitless passion and rockstar charisma. In the second time period, Jerome is a blunted 39 year old lobbyist, who also happens to be a blunted serial killer.

Parental Advisory: This is an X rated novel, with heavily objectionable content, including sex, violence, a psychopathic lack of morality. Jerome combines the hardened, relentless predation of Humbert in Lolita with the brute violence of Dexter. This books is offensive in many ways, and not for everyone

- goodreads 

 (Recieved via netgalley in exchange for an honest review)

Why I requested this book? Well to be honest I requested it based on the parental advisory. I liked being shocked while reading.

I know this going to come off weird, but I wish there was more killing. In the advisory it says like the brute violence of Dexter. And well, I was waiting for that. Yes there were a few  killings, but I never got that Jerome was a pscyhokiller, fucked up yes. But (again this is going to sound weird) not from the killing part. He is fucked up because of his whole premise of life. He doesn't want to be part of society, doesn't want to be force fed ideals and ways that us as society should run. He thinks every movie is an ad for monogamy (which to be fair, they are for the most part) and that guys should live like nature intended them to be, to be polygamous and have a multitude of women. (of course he won't let his women have multiple partners... that's just cray). All he wants are threesomes and for each of his conquests not to fall in love and demand a monogamous relationship.

Enter the part that did deserve the parental advisory is his pedophilia nature. He wanted and desired young virginal girls. The only way to make this happen, was to buy them. He goes to Cambodia and buys two sisters to become his wives. I will leave it at that. That is the part that needed warning and if you don't think you can handle it, do not read this book.

The novel was written in two different time periods, present day and 15 years ago. I have to say that I preferred the 15 years ago storyline. The present day one seemed lack lustre to me. Albeit the chapters in these time periods were very short, only a couple pages long at a time, I could never get into it, nor really understand what the point was. I think I would have preferred the book as a whole if it was just the 15 years ago novel.

Also I have to admit, I got SO sick of the whole Sisyphus mythology. I just didn't care anymore, so every time that was mentioned I skimmed past it. This also rang true with all of his speeches.- they bored me, yes they delved into the character of Jerome, I just.....YAWN

So, in the end I gave this book 3 stars. It did held my interest enough to keep reading, and the actual writing was done very well. Just... yah... didn't really stay with me.

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