Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday!

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Another Monday. This weekend just didn't seem long enough. Come to think of it, do any weeknds seem long enough? Nope. You'd be crazy if you said it did.
So, what did I do this weekend?
Friday I went to Boston Pizza with my mom, sister and neph. I just love that little guy. Then I finally got some wedding photos printed out on canvases. Two years later! Then I went to my first ever chiropractor appointment. I'm not 100% sold, but meh. I'll go back a few more times to see if my neck/lower back pain goes away. (all symptoms from sitting at a desk all freakin' day long). The hubs and I then decided to drive to Sylan Lake for my brother in-laws birthday dinner.  Busy Friday! Especially because my Friday's are usually spent doing nothing!
Saturday. Was clean -up day. The hubs stared working on our my kitchen table! And then after all the work we just stayed in and watched Dallas Buyer's Club. How did it end by the way? I might have accidentally fell asleep....

Sunday, came and went. We went to my friends little girls 3 year old birthday party, and then tried to look at trailers.  I also made G do some yoga. Good Sunday.
Oh and it needs to stop fucking snowing. I am done (as is everyone else I'm sure). Its almost April. Like this 9 month winter bullshit, is crap.
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All in all, good weekend.

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  1. The weekend did go by to fast, but all and all pretty great one for sure!