Monday, April 28, 2014

TwelveTwentyThree -ITS BACK!

I know, I know. i've been on a bit of a hiatus lately. For no real reason other than the fact that I just didn't feel like writing.

BUT, exciting news!  I re-opened my etsy shop!


There are only a few items up there for now but keep checking back, more will make its way there!
Vintage Siam Red Swarovski Gold Framed Stone Earring
Vintage Jet Black Swaroski Gold Framed StoneEarrings
Cascading Multiple Silver Hoops Earrings. Bride. Formal
Silver- Tanzanite- Purple- Dual Framed- Brides-Wedding- Gifts
Green and Gold Leaf Earrings Stud
Silver Decidious Leaf Earring.
Broad Leaf Silver Earrings
Black and White Mod 1950s earrings

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  1. Sooo excited your getting back into it love!