Friday, May 23, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Blow by Jodi Lundgren

BlowAs far as Mary, a.k.a. Meringue, can tell, the only good thing about moving from Vancouver to Red Deer following her parents' divorce is that she was able to get a head-start on earning her Learner's Permit. Now she's sixteen, she can drive on her own. When her friend Jeff asks her to cover his pizza route, Meringue jumps at the chance to cruise around town on her mother's scooter. Little does she know that Jeff has been using his uncle's pizza shop as a cover-up for his small-scale drug deals. By the time Meringue figures out what she's been doing, a bigger drug dealer is moving in on Jeff's business -- and on her. Meringue is scared. How can she get herself out without telling the police what she's been doing? - goodreads

I requested this book based on the fact that it was based in Red Deer. Not that I am from there, butt its close enough, plus lots of the fam live in that vicinity. Something about knowing the setting of the book makes it much more interesting for me.

This book, I give it a 2 stars. Its a decent read. However I think I was just to old to read this. I could see this as  Jr. High book.  If I was a younger girl I would have rated this 3-4 stars for sure.

 The books main premise is- how far would you go to protect your friends? Would you turn them in? Help them out? Keep the secret? I think every teenager has at some point been faced with this dilema.
Mary was so naive. I mean, I guess I wouldn't have expected that when I was asked to help deliver pizza, I was actually delivering little baggies of cocaine. But still. Once you find out, dump the shit in the garbage and move on. Don't sell it. Dont' keep helping out your buddies delivering pizza- just because you think thats how you should be a friend... Its your own fault if you get caught then.

For me the thing that I didn't like was that it was stereotypical. I mean, Vietnamese gangs in charge of blow. Its just that thats pretty common in these neck of the woods, and I can see why the author went that direction.

Side Note: I really liked the character of Mary's moms boyfriend. He seemed like a decenet guy.

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