Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Monday

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This Monday came quicker than it was suppose to.  I had a shit terrible sleep and when that alarm went off at 5... oh man, fits of fury wanted to fly.  So its definitely a 2 cup (probably more) of coffee day.

The weekend however was great.  Friday, the hubs finished school - so we day drank on the patio. Some neighbors came over, and then we cabbed it (yes, that's right) to my friends birthday party; where things got even messier. I mean- if you try and get into a little kids toy car... you know its a good night.

Saturday, was as you can imagine a little rough. But, nothing that a little car trip to Okotoks and some yard work couldn't fix. Speaking of yard work... WTF is with all the dandelions. I swear to god as soon as I plucked one out of the earth, 5 more sprouted up.  This yardwork lead us over to our neighbors house where more drinks were consumed and dinner was given.

Sunday was spent at my sister in-laws engagement party in Sylvan Lake! Super stoked for the two of them! Oh, and of course more drinks were consumed...

Currently I am thinking I am border lining on becoming an alcoholic. No, not really...but I think the detox of becoming healthy is going to be coming a lot sooner than later. As this buddha belly is now turning into a beer belly.

And now, more currently's for your entertainment....

Currently reading: Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix! Ya Ya, I love HP and decided it was time to re-read them all. I am not disappointed.
Currently drinking: COFFEEEEEEE
Currently eating: A bowl of oatmeal, plain Greek yogurt, with some honey and cinnamon. MMMM
Currently listening to: Bastille. Yup. I am digging them.
Currently craving: A bed.

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