Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things You Do When You're Alone

You know how when you are alone you end up doing some random things, that if someone caught you doing them, you'd adamantly deny doing it or be very embarrassed.

So I'm gonna share some. I'm sure G has caught me doing a few of these things, good thing he loves me.

1) I do some random dances. Especially when cleaning.I can crunk like nobody's business. I am joking. I don't even know what crunking is. 

2) While I cook or stand in the kitchen for any length of time I do squats. Now that is multitasking

3) I sing. 

4) I talk to my dogs like they are regular human children. They probably prefer this than the singing.

5) I take a lot of selfies. And delete them all. Nobody needs to see them. 

6) I pee with the door open. And sometimes I don't even wash my hands. (don't say that you've never done that either)

7) I don't feel guilty if my dinner of choice is a glass of wine and a scrambled egg.

Lucky that you guys don't get to witness this awesomeness.

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