Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I was lucky enough to be able to review a few GOSH products, that they kindly sent me for free! Gotta love that! Not only loving that, but I actually loved the fact that I am kinda digging the products.

First up, The Lip Lacquer.

I usually am not a lipstick wearer, and when I do I usually go for muted, nude colours. So this red was definitely out of my comfort zone, BUT I LOVED it! It went on super easy, had a decent non-lipsticky smell to it, and the thing that I loved the most about it... it lasted for quite along time. I will definitely consider adding GOSH Lip Laquer to my make-up collection.

Prime n' Set:

For someone who rarely wears anything on her face other than some blush and moisturizers, this product was foreign to me. That being said, it went on super light and kept my make-up in place all day, even after training for that dreadful (cancelled) 5km run.

Forever Eyeshadow:

I loved how easily this eyeshadow stick glides on, And also love how long in lasted. The colour was great too, something you could wear from day to night without looking like a whore. 

Crazy Volume Mascara:

I loved this mascara! Usually when I buy mascara, I buy whatever is on sale. This mascara worked wonderfully. My lashes were long and luxurious looking, and it lasted all night (even into the mornings when I forgot to wash my face).Which resulted in major racoon eyes! While I will buy it in the future, I may consider the waterproof version. 

The prices of all these items are reasonable as well, won't break the bank for some pretty make-up!

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