Friday, September 19, 2014

New Look

Things may look a little different around here.

I decided to re-vamp the blog and get a new template, courtesy of the lovely Shiny Magic over at Etsy.

Super easy to work install, and she create lovely work! I recommend her for sure! Hope you enjoy it!

What else is new?

Well I am done my job, officially, on October 10th. The thing is I get to train the person who is replacing me. So after 23 months and 3 weeks (I needed 24 months to gain permanent status) I am done.  I definitely needed a big glass  bottle of wine to digest this.

But.. maybe as so many people have been saying (and me wanting to punch whoever said in the face), maybe it wasn't meant to be. That this way I can actually do something that I want.

All sounds great, still need to happen though....

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Have a glass of champagne or something for me!

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