Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Young Kendra

Dear 22 year old Kendra;

Why must you worry about everything and second guess every single freakin opinion?
You need to stop that. Your adult self will thank you for it.You need to pick a career direction. And do everything you can do obtain that. Volunteer. Take stupid part time and low paying jobs. Pay to work if thats what you need to do. Remember that sorority you joined? Use it to network. That was one of the selling points. 

Oh, and remember beer has a lot of calories. It will catch up with you.  Maybe, start doing some sort of exercise routine so you actually stay your size 4 shape.  Just saying.

Oh, and power to you for dating around. You just got out of a 4 year relationship, and well here's the time to spread your seed. Wait, thats not the right thing to say. Anyways. Be safe.  And that birthday party at a club called Snatch, that you will make every excuse not to go to. Go. You will meet your future husband there. 

Love, Kendra

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. This girl had a pretty amazing life.. she made a lot of great decisions.. and a few crap ones. The person she became is an amazingly beautiful individual. She has a kind heart and a one of a kind personality. She is a joy to be around and one day is going to be an amazing mother. She shouldn't worry about what the future has in store, because with the support group of family, friends, and her one of a kind husband. .she gonna be just fine:) The life she chose for herself is pretty great..tell her to soak it all in and laugh out loud at least once a day.