Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book Review: The Possibilities by Kaui Hart Hemmings

In the idyllic ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado, Sarah St. John is reeling. Three months ago, her twenty-two-year-old son, Cully, died in an avalanche. Though single, Sarah is hardly alone in her grief. Her father, a retiree, tries to distract her with gadgets from the QVC home shopping channel. Sarah's best friend offers life advice by venting details of her own messy divorce. Even Cully's father reemerges, stirring more emotions and confusion than Sarah needs. Still, Sarah feels she is facing the stages of grief -- the anger, the sadness, the letting go -- alone.

Barely ready to face the fact she will never again hear the swoosh of her son's ski pants, or watch him skateboard past her window, Sarah is surprised when a strange girl arrives on her doorstep. Unexpected and unexplained, she bears a secret from Cully that could change all of their lives forever.

(received via net galley for an honest review)

 I really liked The Descendants, and was kind of hoping this would be the same. It wasn't. It was slow and it took me a long time to read. 

Sarah's son Cully died in a freak avalanche.  And she is trying to deal and cope with this. Of course its hard, especially to pack up his things and finding out things about him. I couldn't even imagine. Then meeting his friends, his "girlfriend', finding ut he had a life separate to what he had with you.

This may be a bit of a spoiler, but, it was kind of predictable. I mean, why else would your dead son's girlfriend (who you had no idea about) show up out of the blue? But really?


You are pregnant with your dead boyfriends child, and you want to give it to the mother?!!

the mother is actually considering it?!

Are you frekaing kidding me?

I just can't even out into words how I feel about this!


My favourite part of this novel was Sarah's father. His humour was such dad-like humour; and I'm a sucker for that.

I wish I liked this more than I did. 

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