Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thoughts for a Thursday: My First Memory

This is hard due to the fact that its difficult to differentiate memories I have due to my own brain power or memories I have due to the wonders of the camcorder.

I think my first camcorder memory is due to the fact that its a family favorite. I’ve seen it multiple times and laugh so hard every time. I am only about 7 months maybe?  Just minding my own business playing on a blanket in the Prices’ backyard. The mom’s went inside to make lunch or something and the dads were busy trying to make ice cream. (note: they were suppose to be watching me)  All of a sudden Bradon (Kamieys’ brother) came out of nowhere and just pushed me right over. I started crying. Dads didn’t come to my rescue. Bradon strikes again.  The best part is that the parents didn’t know any of this happened until we watched the video some years later.  Which makes me want to go watch it again!

My earliest real memory? I think it is something basic as playing with Rhiannon. Barbies, house, dressing Frisky up like a doll and pushing him in our stroller. Frisky was our poodle. I can’t differentiate a certain time, as they do just blend together. Probably because that’s all we did. I also remember vividly our trip to Tofino, BC where I was so upset that I couldn’t go on a beach walk to see the dead whale and where I complained constantly about sand being in my crotch and hated wearing bathing suits.  There are also ton of memories that include the Prices (which are my second family) and Kamiey. We spent pretty much every weekend together growing up and coloured. Coloured pictures, fashion designs, the cat. A lot of times while waiting for Bradon to finish his hockey games. Another memory I have is my first ski crash. At Nakisika, about 8 years old maybe? and took a tumble on the run called Homesteader. It was my first, and unfortunately not my last, trip in the covered sleds. I only had a bloody nose from the tumble, but I got a box of smarties out of  it! So from what I learnt writing this, I remember a lot of things I just can not remember years.

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