Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thoughts on a Thursday: Religion.

This post may get some feedback, but I felt compelled to write something as the topic of religion seems to always come up with the new baby coming.

I think this summarizes it very well.

Yes, I went to catholic school. No I am not a practising catholic. What I got from that upbringing is some good morals and also that there is a lot of bat crazy people out there taking the bible as literal. It is a book of stories created by man (and not women, ie- only one half of  the faiths story tellers) . Then voted by man to see which ones were good enough to make the cut. Admittedly some are good, awe-inspiring even, but stories nonetheless. Religion was invented by man therefore man invented God. To me, this means that God did not invent man.But as many people believe, the God that man invented is suppose to be all living, all forgiving. And man was supposed to be created in the image of said god. God then should be half man, half woman, half gay, half straight, every skin colour and race imaginable. I ask you this, why  is there so much hatred among different kinds of people? And if God created everything as a lot of Christians believe (and I define everything as the literal sense of the word-all encompassing), then he must have created illness, war, happiness, love. He then had to have created straight people and gay people, following this logic. He must have also  created us to have the ability to have the knowledge on how to recognize evolution, on how to perform abortions (not the A word!), on how to cure certain strands of cancer? Why would he create these things and the ability for us to have them if they weren’t suppose to exist? or be an abomination to mankind? I think its a bit of an oxymoron to me.
There is more than one religion out there. And really how then can only one religion be the right one, only one right God? Especially when they all borrow different things from each other.  I also think the thing that turns me off is that people get a little too crazy about it.  I get it, you have faith. It doesn’t have to covet every aspect of your life. I don’t think God is in charge of you winning a grammy or making you score a goal. I think he has better things to do, like saving a child from dying of cancer.  But , on the flip, if you need to believe that something holier than thou is making you a better singer and thus producing results- who am I to judge really. Just don’t go on about it 
I believe in science. I believe in evolution. I can’t believe that people can’t see the proof in evolution. I believe that something had to put the first little amoeba on the planet, be it God, Zeus, Ganesh or some big bang. I believe in blind faith. I believe in the beauty and awe of all the wonderful, random, unique creatures on this earth. That’s where I see  a ‘god’.
Don’t make me feel bad about not believing in the same thing you believe in.  I encourage you to question me about my beliefs, why I feel the way I do. I think I have the courtesy to do the exact same thing to you without getting my head blown off or chastised for not having the same thought process.

And let the onslaught begin...

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  1. So perfectly written, so my thoughts exactly, but I can't write it or put it into words as eloquently as you can