Friday, January 29, 2016

Fat Free Fridays

Welcome to Fat Free Fridays!  Do you ever get to a point where you figure enough is enough? That is me right now. I figured I've been using the excuse of I just had a baby long enough. And I figured by putting my pre-baby body weight loss challenge up in the interweb, I may use that accountability as an extra motivator.

Enter Fat Free Fridays. I won't inundate you with it all the time, but come Fridays (if I feel like blogging or more accurately if Hunter allows me too) I will go through my weekly journey/thought process/weight loss/etc.  Sound like a plan? Good.

So I guess to start this off I am going to bite the bravery bullet and post my weight, I will spare you my before picture until I get a good after one to go next to it (it seems less scary that way).

Before Baby: 145lbs ( At the time I had a goal to be at 130lb)
Pregnancy: 178lbs  (gained 33lbs if you don't want to do the math)
Current: 166lbs  
Goal: 140lbs.(figured aim a little below pre-prego weight)

So I have 26lbs to go. Holy. That seems like a lot when you look at it that way.

As my day routine is a little bit different and I can't just bust out an hour workout everyday, I am going to start the adventure with  Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred. I have tried this multiple times, but never actually completed the whole 30 days. I am a master at the first level though!  I also signed up for another 5km race with MEC. I ran my first one last year, and figured why not book a date. That date is April 9th. 

I also know I need to start picking more healthy food choices, while it is hard some days to have 'meals' I need to have better snacking options in my house.

Wish me luck!

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