Thursday, February 25, 2016


Another enticing edition of CURRENTLY...

Reading: Inside the O'Briens by Lisa Genova

Playing: I was playing teach the kid to roll from stomach to back.

Watching: This new show on Netflix called Love.  It's alright.

Drinking: Good ol' water. Boring.

Eating: I just had a Vanilla Greek Yogurt with some chia seeds and a banana.

Trying: To come up with some blog post ideas

Texting: My hubs.

Calling: Probably will call my mom shortly.

Crafting: I do need to make some more jewelry. It's been a while. I also want to test out some iron on transfer stuff to some onesies.

Going: I will be taking the dogs to Nose Hill once H wakes up. Figured they deserve a nice walk.

Wishing: I wish I actually did something productive, like work out while H is napping. He usually only goes down for 20 minutes, but he's been out for an hour and a half already...

Smelling: I bought the cheap Walmart version of Scentsy, and the wax cube I got is called Coconut Waters. I love it. Makes me think I am on a beach.

Hoping for: That I actually see a downward trend in my scale...

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