Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PIIT28 Review

I figured it's about time I do a review on my PIIT28 workouts.

After a few months of being a bit disappointed every time I looked in the mirror and saw my postnatal body, and the lack of pants being able to fit I knew I needed to get my ass in gear and follow a work out program. I was working of and on for so long, but I came to the realization that I need a program to follow.

Enter PIIT28!

PIIT28 is a 28 day workout, in which each workout is only 28 minutes and 40 seconds! So for me that is a win right of the bat. I don't always have time for a full hour workout with Hunter and his lack of naps. 28 minutes is something I can do even if he is playing in his exersaucer.

It also follows a HIIT style format, mixed with pilates and cardio. Which is one of my favourite types of workouts. Get in and get out. I don't  have time to waste.

Another thing that drew me to this particular challenge instead of just following blogilates regular monthly calendar is the community that this program promoted. Enter accountability. Follow @justaddchampagne on instagram to see my full #piitsagram challenge.

So what did I think....

After 28 days,  I loved it. I am actually doing Round 2 right now, and am excited about the results.

My first few days of doing it, I was drenched in sweat, could barely finish the moves and seriously contemplated only finishing 1 or 2 out of the 4 rounds.  However I pushed through, and as the days and weeks went on, I felt stronger. I knew I could do the moves (even if I had to modify them) and I started feeling proud of myself. I knew the more I pushed myself the better the results. And the faster it would come. Sure some days I half assed it just to get the workout over with, but after I knew I could and should have worked harder.

Casey was right. This program isn't just about seeing physical changes. The mental change. I began feeling more confident, I was happy when I looked in the mirror assessing my outfit. I was more energetic. And I think that is the most important part.

 But as people want to join a workout program for the physical changes here is my progress pic, from Day 1 to Day 28.

I lost about 4 lbs and a few inches all over. Nothing to huge, but still great for 4 weeks.  And look some abs are slowly starting to reappear.

I am extremely happy with this program, the community of popsters, and the price of it is well worth it! Please check out this link if you are interested in reading more about PIIT28/signing up:

There is also a 28 Day Reset Diet plan. I did not follow this due to breastfeeding but it is something that I eventually will buy into!

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