Monday, January 23, 2017

Baby Number 2!

There's been a reason why I've been silent on this blog. Baby Novo # 2 is coming!

We announced on New Years Eve the only way we knew how, with H!

Currently I am 15 weeks into this pregnancy, and I have to say its a lot different than the first one.  

Mainly, I was sick the first 3 months. Not really morning sickness related (although I did throw up a few times- which was a completely new experience for me), but with the flu and the cold. Back and forth. It was fun. (high dose of sarcasm there).

This pregnancy I have to say that I am not as overly cautious over what I eat. Sure I avoid the big no's, but when momma craves a hot dog she is having one.  I also haven't been as active - as this time around I am more exhausted than I remembered being with H.  I also guess its because I have an active toddler to chase after and entertain all day.

Super excited for this next journey. Also a little bit nervous.

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