Monday, March 27, 2017

Freshen Your Home Up for Spring

With the nice weather finally starting to creep in, and dare I say it,  no more snow in the forecast; the end of March makes me want to dive right into spring cleaning and freshen up the house.  I guess its called spring cleaning for a reason, but being 5 months pregnant I definitely do not have that drive in me. Thankfully you can get that spring fresh feeling by changing up the decor slightly in your house, all conveniently located on

Here’s a few ideas to get started;

Time to reflect: Hang a mirror across from a window to reflect natural light and make a room feel bigger.

Lighten up
: If bold colours aren’t your cup of tea, neutrals like white or light gray can really make a space feel fresh and clean. This couch is perfect for that, and some throw pillows, or a pop of colour of a different table is also another way. A light-colored rug on top of an otherwise dark floor is a great accent. Or if you’re up for an easy DIY, save some cash by whitewashing an unfinished end table or some stools!

Embrace the colour of nature: Now is the perfect time to emulate blooming flowers by experimenting with small pops of color. Try sneaking in pinks, blues and greens by incorporating small pieces like bathmats, dinnerware or other decorative objects.

Get creative with planters: Try using a basket to house larger plants on the floor, or a terrarium to add a little green to a table. Don’t have a green thumb? There’s no shame in incorporating some artificial greenery. Plus, you’ll have it for next year!

Take a deep breath: If winter is all about the scent of sugar cookies and pine trees, spring is about floral and clean scents. Lavender and other floral scented-candles are always a good go-to, but scents like citrus or cotton can add that just-cleaned feeling to your home (with a lot less work).  

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