Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dear Preggo Kendra the Second

Dear Preggo Momma:

Wow! 33 weeks with baby number 2! This time is different. Just read what you wrote to yourself when you were pregnant with Hunter. And remember how lucky you were. This time, well to be honest it hasn't been bad, harder than the first for sure. But when you actually sit down and compare, you've been lucky this round too, just bigger feeling. But lets start at the beginning.

After H turned 1, you and G decided that yup, maybe its time for another one. Then bam. It happened. A lot quicker than either of you guys were thinking. But here we are.

The 6 week and 12 week ultrasounds all came and went. Happy that the babe was growing healthy. With that the first trimester came to an end. This is the first time you actually threw up with a pregnancy -although only a couple times. And felt that hungover nausea feeling constantly.  Also combined with having the flu and colds (thanks winter!) made it feel real. And shitty at the same time.

With the second trimester you met a lot of back pain and hip problems. Massages and baths didn't always help and there were times you were stuck on the floor until you could muster enough energy to get up - although H thought this was fantastic.  The cravings, while nothing weird definitely hit. Baked goods and ice cream. And chocolate.

Then the 20 week ultrasound. The big gender reveal. A boy. Another one. To be honest, you weren't happy with this news.  You had your heart set on a little girl. Apparently gender disappointment is a thing too, you googled it, checked different forums, and realized (after a few tears) that another boy wouldn't be too bad. In fact it will be great to have that brotherly bond between H and little no name. Sure you still get a little sad that you won't get to have that mother-daughter relationship, but hell I can become a crazy mother in-law one day!

Now you are just under 2 months  away from giving birth. You pray its as easy as the first one...but have a feeling its going to be a complete 180. The back (and hip)  pain and exhaustion is definitely in the forefront. Sleeping is harder this round.  But the biggest difference between this pregnancy and the first one; the lack of time to relax. You have to chase a toddler around, bend down and lift him up constantly.  You also have the guilty SAHM feeling that you didn't have the first round. You feel that you should keep the house tidy and food all ready and cooked, when all you do is want to nap at the same time H is.  I know its all in the head and that G doesn't care, but ya...

This will most likely be the last time you are pregnant and you should revel in  it, but you are also so done with feeling like a mammoth and not being able to crawl on the floor and play with H.

 7 more weeks!

Love, Kendra

(now go put your feet up and have a fake beer!)

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