Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Isagenix Review

As some of you may know I  jumped on the Isagenix train for the past month, and as the month is coming to an end, I feel like its my turn to review it.

I did the 30 Day Weight Loss System

I'm sure the biggest question you have is..did it work?

And in short yes.

I went into it as a kickstart to help my start loosing weight in order for me to keep pushing myself to lose more and to finally get to that goal weight.  And it did exactly that.   I think the main thing if you decide to try this, is you have to know why. Its not going to be a miracle fast weight loss solution, as much as we all hope for that. As every mentor says, its not a fast fix, its a lifestyle change.

This brings me to my next point, and also the reason why I probably didn't lose as much as a lot of other people. It made me realize that we eat pretty damn healthy at our house. Sure we have our indulgences, as H makes me bake a blue cake every week, and I love my wine and craft beer, but other than that I don't eat that many simple carbs, I rarely use sugar (minus the blue cakes), I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, and my hubby is a hunter so we eat lots of lean meat. So my nutrition really wasn't an issue.

However, this has helped me be cautious of the fact that I need to eat every couple of hours and not forgetting (i.e- getting to busy with kids) to eat.

I also didn't work out as much as I probably should. I averaged 3-4 times a week, doing various home workouts like PIIT28 (blogilates), 21 Day Fix, 30 Day Shred.  But again,  this program has made a good dent in my weight loss journey that its making me want to workout more.

And finally the dreaded cleanse days...well those actually weren't as bad as I thought they would .  They left me cold, feeling great the next day, less bloated and kinda tired.

Will I continue it? Perhaps. Not in the strict sense that I was following it, as truthfully I miss eating real food for the majority of my meals. But I do think I will have my one shake a day and do the cleanse day once or twice a month. I may also have to order some ionix. it tastes like shit (there is no other way around this) - but I feel it helped give me some energy.

 While I did wish it worked a bit better, I also realize its not a fast fix, its a learning curve.

So my final tally:

Starting weight: 172lbs
Final Weight: 159lbs
Pounds lost; 13 lbs
Inches lost: 21.1 inches

Happiness Gained!

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