Monday, July 15, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: It's About Your Husband by Lauren Lipton

This was a cute summer chick-lit read.  It had its funny moments and also the ‘yup, I would say the exact same thing if I was in the same situation’ moments. 
It's About Your HusbandBasically Iris Hedge is a recently separated (in the process of getting divorced) women living in New York, where she moved to work in her dream job. However, that dream job is short lasted and she quickly becomes unemployed. While meeting with her only friend in NYC Val, Vickie -Val’s twin sister happens to be there as well, complaining of her possibly-cheating husband, Steve. Vickie ends up wanting to hire Iris to follow and spy on her husband to confirm or deny the accusations. Iris, being poor enough agrees.
Iris screws up royally and actually meets Steve after a series of unfortunate events.  Steve, obviously is taken aback and upset about the situation. However, instead of flaking off, Steve decides to help Iris by giving marriage tips that she can pass on to his crazy wife. Some of the tips were things that everyone can take into consideration with marriage; such as don’t emasculate, be nice to each other, if the guy isn’t saying anything maybe he just needs time to decompress and is not secretly having a shit of a day.
New York also played a character in the book. She had the internal debate of staying in this new fangled city with no friends and no job, or to go back to LA and try and make her marraige work, with a job gauranteed.  I find it ironic in a sense that she is trying so hard to try and save other people's marraiges yet, hers fell apart and she didn't feel the need to work on it. I get it, some things just end and you don't know why. But still... maybe take her (or Steve') advice.
I like the twist that happened in the end.  I thought something like this would happen while reading it- and I’m glad it did. So,. For a first novel Lauren did great.
3.5-4 stars for and easy, chick-lit read. Nothing sensational but you get exactly what you want from the genre.

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