Tuesday, August 6, 2013

not your typical REVIEW: Bob Harper workout DVD

holy mother of jesus.

I told you I would sway from books once in a while to review other things! And well, sometimes reading and drinking champagne all the time leads to being a fat ass. 

To remedy thisI brought this DVD out of the shadows of the cabinets and with being crazy in the fitness mood I put this in the DVD player.  I also figured, ‘hey, if he can make all those biggest loser contestants skinny then I can do this no problem'

There are two workouts on this DVD, but there are 2 more DVDs in this Inside Out series. I am on the search for the other 2 as we speak.

The first time I tried it, I just pressed play on the 60 minute cardio workout. Didn’t even look at the trailers, which would have scared me out of it I’m sure. It begins with Bob yammering on about how important the heart is blah blah blah, a perfect time to get the dogs situated on the couch and out of my way.

After the warm up, the real workout started and by the single-arm deadlifts swings I was feeling really tired and out of breath. And it just keeps going. Never stopping. Ugh. I saw a lot of the exercises done here on the Biggest Loser and thought they looked pretty easy, especially when some 300lb brontosaurus is doing them. Nope. Not easy at all. I felt like a brontosaurus trying to climb mount everest. And it didn’t stop. More deadlifts, and squats, handwalks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, the whole shebang.Then you notice the clock on the corner, 40 minutes to go, are you freakin kidding me? I'm already breathing like a fat kid stuffing his face with ding dongs trying to walk up the stairs. The second half was mainly arms and standing ab works, mosh pit jumps, push ups, scorpion push-ups, and getting Tobi to stop trying to hump me. It also brought more sweat and swearing at the TV. I have to say the clock while bad at times, also was good motivation to keep going, as it is only an hour. Another plus is the music isn’t your typical work out video music, but more rockish get ya going type.

The best part of it, other than knowing there is 3 minutes left and that means cool-down, is that during the whole work out, his work out buddies are sweating, shaking, and just like every normal person trying it for the first time not being able to complete all of the reps. They were saying no more, and giving Bob the evil eyes. This made me feel better, if these super in shape people are having a hard time, then its okay for this super out of shape person to be having a hard time as well. By the time it was over, I was drenched in sweat, hyperventilating, legs shaking like crazy that I thought I was going to collapse walking up the stairs to let the dogs out- I say it’s a damn good work out.

There is also a 20 minute butt & balance workout on the DVD, but as Bob so nicely states in the hour long “there is no such thing as a 20 minute work out-that’s a warm up”, I wasn’t expecting much. While the cardio wasn’t as intense, the breath still got up there. And my legs and ass felt it the next day.There are some similar moves from this one and the 60 minute one, like deadlifts and suitcase swings (my nemesis) but also some new ones. Get used to standing on one leg, feeling every muscle in that leg burn while incorporating arm work like lateral raises.oh you feel it alright. And just when you think you can shake out your leg and switch it to the other side, nope some more single leg deadlifts are thrown at you. Short, good strength work out to do on the days where cardio really does not seem like fun.

So, all in all I really like this DVD, I forgot how much it hurts. I recommend it to anyone who wants a different at home exercise DVD. Its hard, with only 1 Bob-approved water break. You can increase the intensity by upping how much weight you’re using. And Bob isn’t an ass, motivating you just at the right times. And I couldn’t walk or sit down in my chair easily for the next couple of days which I feel defines a successful workout.
I also really just wanted to curl up with a good book after as well!



  1. I'm the worst with workout DVDs! But this sounds fun and intense, so KUDOS to you for actually finishing the whole thing! I really should try to find more good, motivating workout DVDs for the days I don't feel like driving to the gym.

    1. I find I do better when I have a work out video, I actually do the right amount of reps. I have a ton of workout videos if you ever need any recommendations!