Monday, August 26, 2013

The Wonderful Jane Goodall

I love Jane Goodall. She is always the name I give when asked who you would like to meet/have dinner with. I mean, she is why I went into primatology. Who knew it would be so friggen hard to pursue? Anyways I just felt like sharing some of my favorite quotes of hers as I do some reflecting on what it is I actually want to do with my life. Enjoy!

"The least I can do is speak for those who have no voice"

"You may not believe in evolution, and that is alright, how we humans came to be the way we are is far less important than how we should act now to get out of the mess we have made for ourselves"

"Anyone who tries to improve the lives of animals invariably comes in for criticism from those who believe such efforts are misplaced in a world of suffering humanity"

"In what terms should we think of these beings, nonhuman yet possessing so very many human-like characteristics? How should we treat them? Surely we should treat them with the same consideration and kindness we show to other humans and as we recognize human rights, so too should we recognize the rights of great apes"

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