Friday, September 6, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: No Wonder You Feel Like Crap! by Richard Weinstein, D.C

If you feel trapped in a vicious downward spiral of food cravings, obesity, and ill health, you’re not alone. Although several excellent studies and books have made the connection to stress, sedentary lifestyle, and dietary salt, sugar, and fat, they’re still missing the critical pieces to unlocking the puzzle of what is really making you sick—and without an understanding of those missing pieces, and especially the critical roles of the stress hormone cortisol and internal inflammation—your chances of regaining full health and vitality are not good.
In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Weinstein explains in simple terms exactly what goes wrong in our bodies and precisely why our modern lifestyle and poor dietary choices can lead to such a bewildering variety of symptoms and diseases. Once you understand the common factors leading to obesity, illness, and even premature death, the author further empowers you with a commonsense, easy-to-follow program that will show you how to break the cycle of illness and regain and maintain vibrant health.

This book is an ARC from netgalley courtesy of Panverse Publishing LLC slated to come out Sept 22, 2013.

Yes I did pick this book out based on the title alone. But even the smaller blurbs on the cover intrigues me and it turned out to be pretty interesting.  And a round of applause has to be given to the writing style. It wasn't 'dumbed' down but it made a lot of the scientific jargon easier to read. Plus, anyone who says things like 'completley ass backwards' in a research book has my attention.

Cortisol is causing all of my problems people! And most likely yours.  Dr. Weinstein talks about the Triangle of Health (structural integrity, chemical integrity and psychological integrity) and how getting in touch with each element can, well basically make you not feel like crap anymore. This can be done by focusing on the 3R's: resolve inflammation, repair intestinal tract, restore hormonal balance.  He goes into detail on each "R".

Upon reading this book I do want to research a bit more into this whole cortisol thing and to see if others feel the same way.  Because if a lot of these problems are due to cortisol, then I think its a great fix.  However the one thing I'm a little iffy about is the 'cure' for it. I get that we need antioxidants and vitamins, but I really don't want to have to take 16 pills a day to do it. Are there any other natural ways to get into it.

Also, the chapter on diet and good carb vs bad carb was enlightening as well. I knew basically what most carbs sources fell into, but to realize that you shouldn't eat two from the same list shocked me. Not so commonsense as it seemsI guess.

I give it 4 stars.

Great writing style, new topic, makes me want to look into it more.


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