Thursday, September 5, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Swim by Jennifer Weiner

SwimSwim is a short story that I had previously downloaded for free on my kobo. In my goals of cleaning up all of my devices  (so I can fill them up with new and better things!) I came across Swim.

The short story that inspired Jennifer Weiner’s forthcoming novel The Next Best Thing.Ruth has left her job writing for a hit television show for reasons she’d rather not discuss and is supplementing her increasingly dwindling savings with freelance writing projects—namely, helping anxious high school students craft a perfect college essay and lonely souls craft captivating online dating profiles. When she’s not working, she’s swimming—lap after lap at the local indoor pool, in a desperate attempt to wash away the sting of professional failure and heartbreak that she can’t seem to shake. It takes an unexpected client to show her that appearances can be deceiving, and that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is simply dive back in.

While it is a short story, I felt like it should have grabbed my attention more. I didn't want to read anymore about Ruth.  I felt like I wanted to read more about Cailtyn and her attempts to get into college. And that's saying something!  Based on this I'm not sure if I want to read the novel this inspired to be.

I know this is a short and shitty review, but it was kind of a short and shitty story. Alas, I really don't have much to go on. So, I will talk about the cover. Judging by it I would assume it would be more of a beach swim book. I mean, look at that suit!. A red ruffled, vintage inspired suit.  (probably a mirclesuit!) The book was about fitness swiming. They should have put a polyeseter racerback suit up there. That red suit wouldn't make it!

(yes I did work in a bathing suit store once upon a time).


  1. Lolz it's not a shitty review, and short books make short reviews ;) Especially short shitty books haha. Fitness swimming? Sounds thrilling...

    1. haha thanks! Very misleading cover!