Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tunesday! Coldplay- Atlas plus some Catching Fire stuff

Coldplay is one of my favorite bands.  And they put on a spectacular live show, so I recommend that you check them out if you can!
And it doesn't hurt that Chris Martin is pretty good looking in that dorky cute way.  See look:


look how flexible?

Anyways, they recently put out a new song called Atlas, which is going to be on the Catching Fire soundtrack!  It's a really good song, making it seem that Coldplay is heading back to their roots!
Here it is:
And now for some Catching Fire stuff:
Can you believe its almost time! I was thrilled with how the Hunger Games turned out, so I am super excited for the second installment. First I have to re-read the books.
in anticipation for the movie!
And I have a girl crush on J-Law.


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  1. OMGZ I'm so excited for Catching Fire and you're right it's SO CLOSE!