Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Round-Up #2

Still no other creative name. And how fast did this week go? I didn't even do anything exciting.  I also decided that this is going to come out on Mondays, as the weekends are really actually my most exciting times.

I've been reading a lot at work. I kinda wish I could post this on my office door:

adding captions 3 Captions: adding goodness to pictures (15 photos)

I don't think it will go over well. What do they expect me to do, actually work? Ha! Speaking of work, I walked in this morning and its like walking dead quiet. There was no one in the parking lot, no lights on, no people walking around. It has made me paranoid. I mean, is it even Monday? Is it a stat holiday? What is going on?!?

Instead of always reading at work I tried my hand at crosswords. Oh man do I suck. The brain just does not work that way! See it has been an interesting week!

More yoga, more running, more squats. YAY!

I also had a dinner party on Friday. It was fun! Squatters Unite!

And can we talk about how hard it is to go into Michael's these days? I NEED ALL THE SKULLS. (I have a slight obsession with skulls). I just want to buy all of them and start decorating for Halloween- because apparenty this is the only appropriate time to showcase all the skulls (not my words) So question to you....when is it to early to start decorating for Halloween? I usually wait until after Thanksgiving (woo Canada getting in the spirit early).

I also went shopping and bought some things. You know, just some boots and a purse and a coat and some tops....

Blog stuff:

-I reviewed Trafficked by Sophie Hayes. A great memoir about a girl forced into prostitution by who she though was her best friend.
- A review on Identity X by Michelle Muckley
- A little WWW because I didn't feel like doing anything else.
- A review on Cara Lockwood's e-book series Follow Me
- A review on Streaks of Blue by Jack Chaucer.
- A little poem ditty, I didn't write it so no worries.
- And then a very tangent filled review of Doppler by Erlend Loe

Lots of reviews, I'll try and spruce it up a little bit this week.

Non Blog Stuff:
Ellen Hopkins
 In honor of banned book week, check out this buzzfeed post!


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