Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Round-Up #trois

I decided to change things up around here. You may have noticed. Just Add Champagne is here! As mentioned before its a work in progress but now instead of just reading about book related things its going to include lots of random things.  If anyone has any tips on switching blogger over to wordpress, let me know, please and thank you!

My husband is away moose hunting, hopefully entrapping me a baby moose (click HERE to understand this sentiment a bit better) and so I had the entire weekend to myself! In actuality that means laundry! Cleaning house! Sweatpants! Wine! And I watched a shit ton of TV. And none of the shows that actually matter- Breaking Bad - I did not watch it to catch up, and I have to restrain myself from reading the spoilers.  I failed at this when it came to Dexter. Now I just want to give up on that show after hearing how it ended.

Luigi's spot all weekend, right on top of me.

Tobi wasn't far away, giving me the evil eye for letting Luigi get the prime cuddle spot.

I also had book club this weekend! You know your dedicated to the book aspect of it when you walk in and people are like ' ummm, so what book were we supposed to read this month?' Love it! After some wine grilled cheese sandwiches and delicious tomato soup we decided on the next book to read-The Diner by Herman Koch. 

What else happened this weekend. I hung out with my neph on Friday. OMG he's pulling himself up and is totally going to walk soon!  I also had one of my close friends son's 1 year birthday! Where did the time go?! Oh and I also dyed my hair blonde! Again, this is the 3rd time and it's finally at a shade that doesn't make me look like white trash!

My friend introduced this video to me on Thursday. And well, freakin fucking hilarious. Watch it. It will make your day!

And Jimmy Fallon had been kicking ass lately:


Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant

and let's not forget about this gem from lip syncing battles past: John Krasinski

On the Blog:

I admitted to never washing my face until I found this gem!
My new direction!
A review of Somtimes Never, Sometimes Always by Elissa Janine Hoole
For Tuesday Tunesday I rocked out to Atlas by Coldplay and threw some Catching Fire stuff in there.

I admit, I was kind of taking a break from the blogging world this week. 

On other blogs:
There have been a ton of discussion on the whole Goodreads debacle.
Such as: The Tracery of Ink , Oh Chrys,  Book, Blog & Bake among others. I thought I saved the links, but they must be on my other computer... (once I find them I will add them)

 My two cents: I'm going to keep using Goodreads until enough of the crew switches over to something else ( I admit I follow the bandwagons). I think it was a shitty thing for Goodreads to delete shelves and reviews without telling anyone! I also think its shitty that they only way the majority of people found out is through blogs. I mean, come on Goodreads a little email to let everyone know that you guys are changing your policy and deleting things??

Goodreads is a site for readers, not authors in my humble opinion. And if an author can't bear to see negative comments about the book they write, well your in the wrong job. I mean, they seemed to change this because of one, ONE author being a pretenious little bitch. I'm sorry not everyone will like your book. And there are some books that I will not buy based on the subject or the author alone. I mean I will enver buy a book by Snooki because she annoys me, she may be a fantastic writer but no thanks...

I also noticed to that there are a lot more 4/5 stars reviews showing up. When I go look at the reviews, I go to the 1 stars first. I like to lower my expectations before I start something I guess...
And I guess I had more than 2 cents worth.

Have a great week!!!

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