Sunday, October 27, 2013

Its just a number, but it feels good!

Sunday. We meet again.

I know I said I'd throw away my scale, but I didn't. I am a sadistic person who wants to know how far along or not I am moving... and well guess what?! I moved! DOWN!!! DOWN bitches!

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I'm not going to say exactly what my number is because well, I have more pride shame whatever in me. Let's just say I may be able to fit into my wedding dress so I can trash it! WOOO!! People always ask what it is that is motivating you/me to workout... and well I just want to. I'm sick of looking in the mirror being like... well I used to be skinny, have a ton of clothes that I can't fit into but I really want too,  but I also really just want to be comfortable wearing leggings as pants ( I think I hear the fashion police coming!!!)

What It's Like Working Out At My University's Gym
And while I didn't do either of these things, I was more cautious of what I was putting in my mouth. (That sounds dirty).  I also started doing the 30 Day Shred. I actually made it to part 2. And Yoga. Lots and lots of different styles of yoga.  I think a good motivator for me was my new acquisition of a heart rate monitor - the Wahoo. I mean, its just a fun name.  At first I hated it because it never connected to the bluetooth and I was stuck at being, well dead, through the entire workout. And I can assure you, the heart was pounding.  (I am getting absolutely no benefits of mentioning this, other than a smaller ass)

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Especially during yoga

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