Monday, October 28, 2013

The weekend is over.

It's a sad day today. It's still snowing and its cold. That means that winter is coming....

which coincidentally was never said in The Games of Thrones. Each line separately yes, but not together.
Saturday was a great day hanging out with the hubs. We had a leisurely morning and decided to go to the zoo (which was alright considering that only the penguins, Canadian Wilds and the Dinosaurs (but really who actually goes there) was open due to the flood. Can't wait till the rest is open so I can visit my gorillas! It was weird not spending hours in front of them just didn't feel like a full zoo trip), After the zoo we went for lunch downtown at The Barely Mill, where we had raw mussels - this  was unintentional. But I had a fantastic veggie sandwich to make up for it. FANTASTIC. I wish I instagrammed it - it was that good.  Later when we got home we decided to clean up the yard and the outside of the house, which was a good thing because we woke up to snow. *sad face*.

Oh and we almost lost Tobi.  We left the gate open by accident and apparently around 9pm on Saturday he decided to have an adventure. We didn't know this, as we just thought he was having a snooze outside while we were watching a movie, and that he'll scratch when he wants in. Which he did about an hour later. No biggie. Didn't think anything of it. Then Sunday morning, we let him out and I was like - 'wow, he's been out there a long time considering its cold and snowy'- and well he went on another adventure.  Thankfully the snow allowed me to follow his tracks, until they disappeared. I started asking neighbors seeing if they saw a beagle wandering around, and someone was like "is he fat?"- well..yes, yes he is. This is when I found out about his adventure Saturday night. Long story short, we finally found him and he is back. Hopefully he won't thank us by eating a carpet.

My only regret of the weekend is that we didn't really do anything Halloweenish. No party. No costumes.  We did carve our pumpkins though. I failed. I tried to be really intricate and well it was a fail. I'd put a picture up but I don't want to.  Next year may be the year I try to do something like this:
The Headless Horseman
But in all honesty I should just do the simple triangle eyes and wide mouth that I perfected in grade 2.
Go watch these on buzzfeed, a post of 20 Of Your Favorite Movies Recut As Horror Films. Hilarious!

So, this is the new Christian Grey:
Oh, and this is what Jamie Dornan looks like in his underwear.
Yup, wouldn't kick him out of bed. But really why is there so much hype about this movie?!

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I don't have enough time to read
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And a lot of others, but as always I forget to link up and I can't remember where I found them....

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  1. i loved lipgloss and lunges post! It was awesome. and the new christian grey is hot!!