Thursday, October 17, 2013

Random Incoherent Thoughts.

I really couldn't think of anything to write up today. I have no desire to write up a book review; although it was such a  great book and I think everyone should read it.... Instead I'm going to  do what The Bookishly Boisterous does and participate in her Bookish (and not so bookish thoughts). This is where she lists about 10 random things - book related or not. Perfect for the day I can't summon enough energy for a coherent topic. Fair warning that this list won't be coherent either.

1. I tried a new workout at the local gym yesterday called Tighten & Tone. My hips are the thing that is feeling it the most.  I"m not sure if that's the part that is supposed to be sore. Whenever I do a class I always think after the fact that I could have pushed myself a lot harder than I did, even though at the time I was having a heart attack.

2. I want to throw away my scale and actually just be focused on the way my pants fit and not the number. Because, is there really a happy number?

3. I started decorating for Halloween. I absolutely love this time of year because I can put out all of my skulls and not be judged for it.... lol... I feel like we have to step up this year as we live in a suburban cul-de-sac and they all have AMAZING decorations already....

4. This dog makes me laugh:
Don't mind me, just practicing my salsa.

5. I think I'm sick of turkey leftovers. Note to self, do not buy a 22lb turkey. No one will eat it all. It is okay not to have leftovers. I think I will make a soup tonight to use the rest of it up.

6. Why is it that when you work out, all you I want to do is have a nice cold beer after completely wrecking all of the effort I just put in? This will not make me a Cuba body.  Yes, Cuba! I can't wait to go lay on a beach, book in one hand, mojito in the other!

7. It took me about 7 tries to figure out how to spell completely right before it picked it up on spell check. 

8.  I'm excited for brunch on the weekend. Every month (or so we try) two other couple and us get together and have a homemade meal. This month we are hosting it and we are making waffles and bacon! 

9. After spending some time with two kittens on the weekend, I now really want one. This could be due to the fact that they didn't scratch me and actually did seem to like me. The dogs got along 'ok'. 

10. There is a bunch of ads floating around my facebook feed stating that breastfeeding isn't just for infants. As you can imagine there are a lot of different view points on this. While I agree parents should be able to feed their child however they want, I worry more about the emotional side of things and if it stunts the children further on in life. Does it have any repercussions on their sexual relationships of remembering what your mom's nipple looks like, are children not as independent later on in their adult life, does it effect their friendships ( kids are mean to each other and it may lead to bullying). Those are the studies that I want to read about in this debate.  The child's well being. Are they really benefiting from it (nutritional stuff aside)? Also it would be interesting to see the ramifications it has on the mother for her own body development?

Well those are my 10 thoughts, none of them bookish at all. 


  1. Hmmm... I might be opening a GIGANTIC can of worms here but.... as a mother (who has breastfed four babies) and who has seen my friends struggle/ enjoy/ be indifferent about breastfeeding I have come to one conclusion - 'babies' who are still been fed after about two years - it's not for the baby, it's for the mother. Nutritionally, there's obviously no harm but kids who are 3/4/5 years old have greater calorie demands so need food. It's all about comfort and routines - equally well achieved with cuddles and bedtime stories IMO!

  2. 2. I'm with you on the No Scale Policy. I've been trying to ignore my actual number and just concentrate on feeling toned and energized. However, all that positive energy goes down the toilet when you go to a doctor appointment and the nurse cheerfully reads your weight allowed.

    8. I wish every meal was brunch.

  3. I'm with you on the scale. Don't tell me I gained two pounds overnight- unacceptable! Life's too short!