Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yoga -aka- I love that stretching is a workout.

I've finally fell into the yoga trap. I admit I pretended I used to do it when it was all the rage a few years ago. But I didn't. Unless you count playing on the Wii. I secretly was afraid to go to a class because I thought everyone would be so much more advanced than me and the instructor would just be like 'chattaranga pose' and I'd be all 'what-the fuck is that'.

Forgetting the Sanskrit names for asanas sometimes.

Anyways, my sister finally convinced me to go to her yoga class, and I loved it. I was instantly hooked. It also helps that I am kinda flexible already ( I can't fold myself in half, but I can touch my And it is a lot harder than it looks. I was always skeptical about how much of a workout yoga could be- I mean its a workout that encourages a nap at the end-  but let me tell you my legs shake just as much from doing a bunch of squats.

It is really something that I wish I got into earlier and wasn't so afraid to try, but knowing that I know I can do it I am excited to continue with yoga and try different and harder classes... hot yoga perhaps?

Getting Healthy: Expectations Vs. Reality

This video is pretty accurate on what you are actually thinking while in a yoga class. The main one is definitely, DO NOT FART.

check out the girl in the back!

It is now something I can cross of the ol' bucket list, as it is something I definitely want to keep up! Plus I always sleep so good after a yoga session!

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